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About Us

Incorporated in 2019 in the United Kingdom, and led by Sebastian Soy Kaippan, a well-experienced carer and registered nurse in the UK since 2000, Oromah International was instrumental in providing fully qualified professionals to the UK's healthcare sector, often successfully augmenting the severe staffing shortages in this sector.

Kaippan is a British national who started his career as a Senior Carer, quickly moving up the ladder to becoming a Registered Nurse, Deputy Manager, Manager, and Operations Manager. Striking out on his own after a brilliant career spanning decades, he put together an A-team of enterprising professionals and recruited/trained healthcare workers to manage eight care homes with flying colors concurrently, across South Wales, Devon, and Darlington.

This masterstroke initiative lent the team hands-on experiences in training and placement of personnel and insights into ingeniously overcoming staffing shortages in the healthcare sector, especially in the UK.

With newfound confidence and enthusiasm in 2019, the team expanded its portfolio of services to include the recruitment, training, and placement of talented professionals in the IT, Accountancy, Engineering, and Hospitality sectors as well as extending guidance to students from overseas for securing admissions/scholarships to schools/colleges/universities, obtain expertise in their chosen fields and amplify career horizons, exponentially.



At Oromah International, we believe that exceptional talent needs to be nurtured. The perfect candidate should undergo polishing to suit the industry requirements. We find exceptional talents, polish them, and then help employers to find these talents. This is the Vision we started off with and this is what we see ourselves doing in the next 100 years.



Our mission has always been to provide equal opportunities to everyone. We believe that genders deserve equal opportunities, without any discrimination. We strictly follow an all-inclusive culture at Oromah International.

Director's Message

I am excited for the new era for Oromah International; a journey which I’m absolutely delighted to take my team on, and for which we’re envisaging exciting times ahead. We’re already working on plans to expand the business into new directions, and also of course, to get back out of the confines of the pandemic to support our care sector clients that have experienced an extremely difficult time.

I have a very enthusiastic, talented group here, and whilst we’ve got loads to do, I'm already appreciating how great it is to get back into things and to be tasked with leading Oromah forward onto its next stage of growth. We aim to show both our clients and candidates that ‘Our talent, is placing yours’ and support both in the journey to new beginnings.

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