Whether you are an employer in the Healthcare, IT, Accountancy, Engineering, or Hospitality sector, we have the insights, expertise, and 25+ years of experience to create a workforce strategy that uniquely works for you.

Work experience in a prospect is great, but talent and cultural fit are critical to every employer. Boasting strong roots and well-established networks across the Indian subcontinent and the UK, Oromah has a comprehensive database of potential recruits ranging from fresh graduates to candidates with proven expertise in their respective fields.

Our HR experts screen prospective employees' fitness scrupulously to ensure 100% compatibility with the employer's criteria and prerequisites to ensure that your hiring process is hassle-free.


Services we Provide

  • Qualified candidates for Healthcare, IT, Accountancy, Engineering, and Hospitality sectors
  • Experienced and certified Accountants, Healthcare professionals, Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists, IT experts and Engineers.
  • Candidate documents are vetted and verified before application
  • Police clearance reports from candidates' country of origin are provided
  • Conduct mentoring and training programs for candidates to ensure proper communication/presentation skills and prep them to face interviews with confidence
  • Employment retention guarantee for prospective partners
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