Engineering, IT & Other Professional

Engineering, IT & Other Professional

Are you a skilled professional looking to migrate to a developed nation?

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According to Jemma Smith, editor of PROSPECTS.AC.UK, the engineering and manufacturing industries are in desperate need of talented, skilled graduates who are passionate and committed to innovating for the future. Engineering and manufacturing is one of the UK's broadest sectors. 5.5 million people work in engineering in the UK, accounting for 18% of all UK employment.

If you are a professional graduate and looking for Skilled Migration to the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, or Europe, Oromah International can help you earn additional qualifications in countries where it is essential and ensure you get a lucrative place at the industry of your choice. As seasoned immigration professionals, we can guide you every step of way.

Advantages to Candidates

  • Free Consultation
  • Immigration Advise by our internal Solicitors and Immigration Advisors
  • Assistance with the entire application process
  • Infinite number of mock Interviews for preparation
  • Connect you to the most suitable employer
  • Accommodation on request
  • Pick-up service from any Airport on request

Are you seeking to hire skilled professionals from overseas?

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We have an extensive and diverse database of skilled professionals looking for lucrative openings in developed nations in the West. All our candidates are thoroughly vetted, and legally certified to work in your country. Oromah International's proven expertise in providing quality human resources across the UK for over two decades makes us uniquely qualified to deliver on our promises.

Advantages to Employers

  • Appropriately qualified and certified candidates
  • Candidates with excellent communication skills
  • All candidates are vetted with foolproof background checks
  • Candidate credentials are attested by relevant authorities
  • References for candidates will be provided on request
  • Guaranteed long-term employee retention

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