NHS Placement

NHS Placement

Kickstart well-paying jobs at the NHS!

Employing over a million people, the NHS (National Health Service) is the single largest employer in the UK, accounting for 5% of the working population. Just like the patients, they cater to, the NHS workforce is extremely diverse and multicultural.

However, the biggest challenge facing the NHS is a shortage of workforce, even well before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has further worsened the situation.

Why NHS?

According to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a report by the Members of Parliament says that a large number of unfilled NHS job vacancies is posing a serious risk to patient safety. It found England is now short of 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives, calling this the worst workforce crisis in NHS history. Shortages of staff are widespread within the NHS and exist across all disciplines.

The NHS is on the brink with too few nurses, midwives, GPs, hospital doctors, and mental health workers. To protect the patients the NHS must have the right number and mix of staff, with the right level of education, qualification, and experience. This offers a never-before opportunity for medical professionals, especially from overseas.


Why Oromah?

Oromah has been recruiting and training nurses, paramedics, and even doctors for the NHS over the last 25 years. If you are a qualified medical professional, we can help you land well-paying permanent jobs with the NHS, quickly and efficiently. With our extensive expertise across everything from helping you become eligible for NHS employability to helping you get work permits and even helping you migrate, we are fully qualified to help you every step of the way.

The latest NHS Digital vacancy statistics show 105,855 vacancies across England on 31 March 2022. For the Registered Nursing staff group alone there was a vacancy rate of 10.0% or 38,972 vacancies. Things were difficult prior to the pandemic, but the pressures of the COVID pandemic and now the cost of living crisis have escalated the pressure on staff and consequently the difficulty of retaining staff. Given the current staff shortages, the NHS is welcoming applications, particularly from outside the UK, including the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, offering a golden opportunity for medical professionals from these regions.

Employee Benefits

The NHS is one of the most developed healthcare systems in the world. All employees are rewarded with competitive pay rates and benefits, some of which may not be offered to you in other countries. These include:

  • Annual leave
  • Pay enhancements
  • Personal development & career progression
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Parental leave
  • NHS pension
  • NHS discounts
  • Doctors in training
  • Study leave
  • Study budget
  • Study sessions
  • Part-time training
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