Temporary Employment

Temporary Employment

Earn while you learn!

Oromah International is a full-service staffing solutions provider that fills full-time, part-time, and short-term positions, especially in the UK's healthcare sector. These temporary positions offer a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a well-paying, fulfilling work experience.

Whether you are a student here in the UK looking to make some extra pocket money after-school hours and/or during breaks/vacations, looking for a second job to supplement your income, or even retired and seeking part-time jobs, we can help you find the most appropriate opening based on your skillsets and availability.

Temporary employment is blessed twice. It not only offers you a great opportunity to network but also helps you gain relevant experience in your field while helping you buttress your resume, impressively.


Why Temp Jobs?

  • If you are a student seeking to permanently migrate/settle down in the UK, it is a foot in the door to getting full-time employment, and subsequently, your citizenship. Many a time, temps are able to transition to permanent positions upon successful completion of temp assignments.
  • Many positions pay by the hour and oftentimes flexible working hours. If you are interested in gaining meaningful experience in a field of your choice, temp jobs offer a great opportunity to earn. At the same time, you learn, with the added advantage of adding a feather to your cap of achievements in the UK.
  • If you are not interested in working full-time but instead looking at working part-time at multiple places, temp jobs are a great opportunity.
  • Whether you are interested in further exploring a field or would like to gain work experience, and you are available for seasonal employment in short time frames, many positions offer flexibility in the duration of their contracts.
  • For instance, even if you're retired and are still interested in being a part of the UK's working community, temp jobs offer you an excellent opportunity to be engaged in meaningful work.


While temporary employees are not eligible for the regular benefits offered to full-time employees, there are several perks to working in the UK on temporary assignments through Oromah

  • As a temp employee, if you're authorized to work overtime, you will be paid at one and one-half times your hourly wage rate.
  • As a temp employee, you may even be eligible to participate in one of the UK's health plans.
  • You could also be eligible to participate in Health & Wellness programs in the UK.
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